West Chester University is celebrating its 150th anniversary.

Day 18 West Chester University – #PraytheCampus

Day 18 West Chester University

Day 18 – West Chester University

West Chester is celebrating their 150th anniversary. While praying on this campus, I thought of abiding and producing fruit that lasts a long time, like 150 years or more. What does it mean to abide in Christ? When you abide in him, what kind of fruit will be produced?

He is Savior, and Redeemer, so certainly salvation and redemption are fruits of our abiding. But he’s so much more. He is a gardener, a communicators, a creator, a teacher, a law giver, a just judge, a counselor, an architect, a builder, and the father of all families. The fruit of abiding seems to have a lot of possibilities, like all the fields of study in a university. Could it be that the university is a kind of place where we can worship God in all his expressions?

All through May we are posting prayer visits to college campuses. Join the campaign. Pray on the campus near you, no matter where you are. #PraytheCampus

Day 18 West Chester University
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