Darlene Cunningham writes: "There is a direct link between roots and fruit, what we believe and how we behave."

How Values Impact Life & Ministry
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Hello Blog Reader,

That’s right. Values Matter. YWAM co-founder, Darlene Cunningham, has written a new book I strongly recommend. No matter where God has placed you, values matter in your workplace or your school, your community and your church, in your neighborhood and your family. I encourage you to order a copy of Darlene’s book, Values Matter. Here’s what Darlene writes about values:

“Jesus’ strategy to evangelize the world was to multiply Himself into His disciples, who would reproduce men and women of like vision and values, who would multiply disciples, and so on (2 Tim 2:2). …This is the call of Youth With A Mission and University of the Nations, and should be the goal of every disciple.”

We emphasize values because we seek to produce lasting fruit. It is not enough to preach and teach or upload and download information. We need the values of God’s kingdom to be worked into every aspect of our lives. American theologian Francis Schaeffer said, “We need to know what we believe and why we believe it, and we need to know what we do not believe and why we do not believe it.”

One of my favorite teachers is Darrow Miller of Disciple Nations Alliance. I’ve met him in South Korea, Canada, Barbados, and Hawai’i and I have read three of his books all of which focus on conveying a biblical Christian worldview and the implications for discipling nations. Darrow teaches that “ideas have consequences.” Darlene writes: “There is a direct link between roots and fruit, what we believe and how we behave.” Darlene uses a simple illustration of a Belief Tree, which provides a “reference point, a measuring rod, for making decisions and evaluating the fruit of your ministry both individually and corporately.”

Converge Values

At Converge, we know everyone has a calling, following the crowd will not bring transformation, and connecting with God’s mission is the best way to discover your purpose.

Because Converge is a YWAM ministry, we adhere to YWAM’s Statement of Purpose and Foundational Values.

And those values inform our values for Converge. Every YWAM Converge participant will engage these values through formal and informal Bible Studies, learning activities, and discussion, including the following topics from 2 Peter 1:

How 2 Peter 1:4-8 has helped shape YWAM Converge:

Faith/Life in Christ

We listen closely to God and obey fully all he says to do. We are resourceful, which means we quickly turn to God and faithfully search for ways to accomplish our assignments.

Virtue/Character of God

Our ministry flows out of being vulnerable, humble, and holy in intimate friendship with God. We choose what reflects God’s character.


We grow in the knowledge of God’s works and his ways. We are teachable learners.


Our words match our actions. We are credible. We have a healthy confidence in our abilities or lack thereof and we work to develop the skills we need. We choose to act according to what is right. We commit to work together on shared goals.


We choose the long obedience in the same direction. We have grit. We sail through difficulties because we embrace the fire that refines us.

Godliness/Devotion to God

We stand before the audience of One and we will not turn back. We are flexible, able to adapt even through intense times of change.

Brotherly-Kindness/Love of Neighbor

We share God’s grace with the righteous and the unrighteous alike. We choose right relationships over personal or religious differences. We are being equipped as ambassadors of reconciliation.

Love/Aroma of Christ

We seek the enduring testimony of God’s love for the glory of God.

It’s with this foundation of biblical values that we build this ministry to bring spiritual formation to emerging leaders who will participate in Jesus’ Great Commission, making disciples of nations.

For Christ and his kingdom,
John Henry
YWAM Converge