God calls us to transform whole nations, and it involves many laborers to join the harvest.

What’s Your Impact?
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How your story impacts the Great Commission

Hello Blog Reader,

I’ve spent sleepless nights in countless airports, survived a military highjack in Guatemala, a river flood that stranded our teams departing for Albania, Brazil, and Ghana, and we’ve had doors slammed in our faces in American suburbs.

I’ve traveled as many as 100 days a year for several years. I’ve worked in war torn villages in El Salvador, outlived treacherous white knuckle bus rides to work among the Quechua people in the Andes Mountains of Peru, the Rabinal Achi people in the mountains of Guatemala, and the Maasai People in the Savannas of Kenya.

I’ve been up all night talking to people about Jesus in train stations in Vienna and with gang leaders in New York City. I’ve slept on uncounted floors and tents from flooded basements to the Mexican desert.

I’ve prayed until my throat was raw in campus meetings in over 45 countries, preached until my voice was gone, and had sleepless nights talking and listening to Christian moms and dads about their kids, and with students questioning God’s existence.

Why do all this?

It began with my experience leading a team to Huaraz, Peru in 1987. We worked with Bible translators and did language learning among the Quechua People. But we also did construction, sports, radio, education, and we planted a church, baptizing 100 people at 16,000 feet in the mountains of Peru. When debriefing my experience, I was asked if I would stay and continue the work in Huaraz.

I prayed about what my role might be if I stayed in Peru. I considered all the different types of work we did and the desperate need for qualified workers in every one of those areas, teachers, media people, translators, coaches, pastors, and construction workers. I thought about the work we did in impoverished communities in Mexico less than a year earlier.

I thought about Jesus’ command to “Go, make disciples of ALL nations.” God calls us to transform whole nations, and it involves many laborers to join the harvest. I concluded that I need people who have been equipped to be more than traditional missionaries. My role is to be a mobilizer of Christ followers who go into all nations and all vocations. I want to welcome you to join this missions mobilization ministry of Youth With A Mission. Please take a few moments to review our Converge Story & Goals below. Thank you!

For Christ and his kingdom,
John Henry
YWAM Converge