“I need you there,” I’d say. “This is what your job will be,” I’d say. “I’ll be there,” they said. “I’m coming to run the school,” I said. Seven colleague friends from six countries and five continents met for three months in Delhi, India to form the team that would lead YWAM’s first School of University Ministries. Each of those commitments were made after multiple meetings and real relationships were formed. Preparations were made for that all-important week of staff training just before the 24 YWAMers from nine countries arrived. That week was shortened to just two days due to travel interruptions. Would this new school come together? Then, when we were all finally together in the front room on the flat we rented from our Sikh landlord, I needed to get these new friends better acquainted and get the school started in just a few days. (Some of my YWAM friends may think this was a recipe for disaster. “Not enough time for training staff,” you’re thinking.) I asked each of my friends to introduce themselves and tell everyone their role in the staff of the school. Clarity flooded the room. Everyone shared their vision and hopes for this new training course for equipping student missions leaders. The school ran beautifully. At the end of that short staff training, one of the more experienced leaders said, “John, this is the most organized school I’ve ever been part of.” This was all a work of faith. God desires that we put together the people of God to do the work of His kingdom.
“I’m writing this to you now so that when I come I won’t have to say another word on the subject. The authority the Master gave me is for putting people together, not taking them apart. I want to get on with it, and not have to spend time on reprimands.”
2 Corinthians 13:10 MSG

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