Paul did not heal the sick as a calling card to prove he was sent by God. Apostles are “sent ones.” Paul prayed as he declared the Name of the One who sent him, the resurrected Christ the Messiah. It was Jesus Christ who healed them. When Paul preached, he apparently did not repeat the stories of those God healed when he prayed. He did not draw attention to himself. He preached the cross and the resurrection. He declared “Jesus is Lord,” which was a political as well as a spiritual proclamation. Occasionally, those I have prayed for have immediately declared that God healed them. Praise God! It is better when the testimony comes from those God healed. Like Paul, I believe the call of an apostle is to proclaim the good news to new people at new places and in new ways. In the end, the apostle seeks to give God the glory.
“Well, now I’ve done it! I’ve made a complete fool of myself by going on like this. But it’s not all my fault; you put me up to it. You should have been doing this for me, sticking up for me and commending me instead of making me do it for myself. You know from personal experience that even if I’m a nobody, a nothing, I wasn’t second-rate compared to those big-shot apostles you’re so taken with. All the signs that mark a true apostle were in evidence while I was with you through both good times and bad: signs of portent, signs of wonder, signs of power. Did you get less of me or of God than any of the other churches? The only thing you got less of was less responsibility for my upkeep. Well, I’m sorry. Forgive me for depriving you.”
2 Corinthians 12:11-13 MSG

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