This is the mistake too many make. They savor the supernatural, so they think they are spiritually superior. At first glance, most won’t notice the spiritually mature man or woman. They don’t act like you think they should. The truly spiritual do not seem to have interest in spiritual things. They don’t make a side show of the supernatural. Instead, they simply serve; they do things that look so natural, so humble. The spiritually mature do not enjoy talking about their visions and revelations. But those who have truly died with Christ have also truly been raised with him. There’s no shortcut, no bypassing the death to self love and resurrection to living a life of truly loving your neighbor.
“You’ve forced me to talk this way, and I do it against my better judgment. But now that we’re at it, I may as well bring up the matter of visions and revelations that God gave me. For instance, I know a man who, fourteen years ago, was seized by Christ and swept in ecstasy to the heights of heaven. I really don’t know if this took place in the body or out of it; only God knows. I also know that this man was hijacked into paradise—again, whether in or out of the body, I don’t know; God knows. There he heard the unspeakable spoken, but was forbidden to tell what he heard. This is the man I want to talk about. But about myself, I’m not saying another word apart from the humiliations.”
2 Corinthians 12:1-5 MSG

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