I lived with George & Carol Isley shortly after I came to faith in Christ. George was more than my pastor; he was my spiritual father. I learned how to live life by watching George and Carol. Their home was open to missionaries, friends, and problem teens.

George made sure everyone heard your good reports at the dinner table. When opportunity arose, George commended me to others. He invested his time and trust in me. He affirmed the call God has on my life.

Because of George and Carol our house became a place of connection. We connect with each other at table. We host co-laborers in the gospel, people we are happy to commend, from all over the world. Did you know your home is important to kingdom work?

“I don’t need to say anything further about Titus. We’ve been close associates in this work of serving you for a long time. The brothers who travel with him are delegates from churches, a real credit to Christ. Show them what you’re made of, the love I’ve been talking up in the churches. Let them see it for themselves!”

2 Corinthians 8:23-24 MSG