I love it when I see a friend again after many months, or even years. I may travel around the world many times, and visit many people, but seeing a friend again is like coming home. It renews me and it reminds me how big and wide and deep is the love of God for the whole world. Time and distance do not cool a friendship. Busy schedules and multiple commitments do not put out the light of God’s love between us. Even if I cannot be there, I love hearing about you. You are not forgotten.

“When we arrived in Macedonia province, we couldn’t settle down. The fights in the church and the fears in our hearts kept us on pins and needles. We couldn’t relax because we didn’t know how it would turn out. Then the God who lifts up the downcast lifted our heads and our hearts with the arrival of Titus. We were glad just to see him, but the true reassurance came in what he told us about you: how much you cared, how much you grieved, how concerned you were for me. I went from worry to tranquility in no time!”

2 Corinthians 7:5-7 MSG