I believe the reformation is still incomplete. The reformers were not simply seeking a replacement of one structure for another. Reformation always moves the church as we know it away from the current structure it has enjoyed to less formal, less structured, and more relational community.

Why? Because revival always pours out by the Holy Spirit like water seeking the lowest places. New moves of God go to the least, the lost, and the disenfranchised. The power of the Holy Spirit goes to the powerless.

When the mission of Christ’s Church is reduced to a department of a local church, or a completely separate entity made up of people with a “special” call, the Church is in need of reformation. I believe a new reformation is like new wine in new wine skins.

There is pressing, and crushing, and changing of the status quo when the new wine of a Missional community is formed. I believe a new reformation is already moving the global Church toward more intentional missional communities.

I believe the shift is already happening in every nation where believers are seeking a more authentic community outside of their local church walls. Those in more traditional structures will not immediately see what God is doing.

No matter. People in new Missional communities are like new wine. Their home is not in an old wine skin. They seek to be an authentic and vibrant witness of Jesus Christ outside traditional structures.