Hi. I’m John Henry. Welcome to my blog!

Speaking for your group

You are on a journey. You have heard a call. It has already changed your life. You’ve been alone. And now you are helping others connect to God’s call. This journey leads to a deeper, wider wonder. Together, we can know the Lord Jesus more intimately. And we can know our part in his kingdom. We can make a difference.

I would be honored to minister to your group.

Couples & Parents

As Christian parents with active involvement in our family’s education and local congregation, my wife Mary and I are also in touch with the daily challenges confronting families, young people, and churches. Mary and I have taught together and we are able to share with your family, your Church, or your ministry group.

My Primary Teaching Topics:

  1. Relating
  2. Looking
  3. Leading
  4. Calling
  5. Transforming

Kick In

We are faith ministers with Youth With A Mission. Thank you for your generous support.

Give online through the link above or mail donations to:

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Please make checks payable to Youth With A Mission (YWAM). All gifts are income tax deductible and are requested with the understanding that Youth With A Mission has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

We keep going with prayers and support from friends. We warmly welcome you to our Core Support Team.

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