Put Together

Seven colleague friends from six countries and five continents met for three months in Delhi, India to form the team that would lead YWAM’s first School of University Ministries.

Social Justice and What We’ve Done to Grace

Special grace leads a person to show compassion, to suffer with others, which is something government programs cannot do. The Good Samaritan understood social justice.

Handling Gifts

Northern America’s 281 million Christians have a personal income of about $14.4 trillion dollars, which is about seven times more than the incomes of Africa’s 768 million Christians.

His Family

The world will tell you to compromise, but that’s not relationship. It’s not compromise God does; it’s sacrifice. It’s not selfish narcissism God expects, it’s integrity.


President Theodore Roosevelt gave a famous speech, citizenship in a Republic, at the University of Paris in 1910. Here’s an…