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Visit Converge. Converge is internships that make a world of difference. If you are searching for a volunteer opportunity related to your field of studies and your passion, visit the site today and let us know you did.

Visit the platform to learn more.

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here there

This page has several posts on the topic of globalization, most of which are outlining the impact of globalization on the city of Madison and the University of Wisconsin, my home town.

Globalization and the (Magic) Kingdom of God

Responding to the Effects of Globalization in Madison, WI – Introduction

Responding to Globalization-Cultural Context

Responding to Globalization – Reaction to Modernism

Responding to Globalization – Reaction to Materialism

How the Church in Madison reacts to Materialism

Responding to Globalization – Reaction to Secularism and Pluralism

Church in Madison reacts to Secularism and Pluralism

Globalization in Madison – Individualism, Environmentalism, and Poverty

Church in Madison reacts to Individualism, Environmentalism and Poverty

Responding to Individualism, Environmentalism, and Poverty

Concluding thoughts on Globalization in Madison

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Listen to a message I gave on the “Emerging Church” at this blog post.

A New Kind of Emerging Church

Fostering a New Kind of Emerging Church

Patterns of Emerging Churches #1: Identifying with Jesus

Patterns of Emerging Churches #2: Welcoming Strangers

Patterns of Emerging Churches #3: Living as Community

Patterns of Emerging Churches #4: Serving with Generosity

Patterns of Emerging Churches #5: Creating as Created Beings

Patterns of Emerging Churches #6: Participating as Producers

Patterns of Emerging Churches #7: Ancient and Contemporary Spiritualities

Patterns of Emerging Churches #8: Transforming Secular Space

Patterns of Emerging Churches #9: Leading as the Body


Why Overturn Tables?

Every Facet of Our Existence on Earth

Adoption, Attachment Disorder, and Stillborn Christians falling short of Transformation


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holy writ

This series of posts includes New Testament papers and thoughts from my studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. I will add to these posts from time to time.

Bible Study and Certainty

Reading a Blue Letter Bible in 2011

The Importance of the Book of Acts

Letters to the Thessalonians

Letter to the Galatians

Letter to the Ephesians

Did Paul Write the Letter to the Ephesians?

Dance of Authorship

Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Letter to the Hebrews

About John’s Letters

Matthew: Creative Tension in Church & Mission

Paul’s Defense of His Apostleship (in 2 Corinthians)

Gospel Authorship and God’s Humility

Let Anyone with Ears to Hear Listen (on how Jesus taught us to hear God’s voice)

Did Jesus Come to Affirm the Law?

Kingdom of Heaven

Culture & the New Testament – Part 1

Culture & the New Testament: Reinterpreting Paul’s Identity – Part 2

Culture & the New Testament: Misinterpretation of the Gospel Message – Part 3

Culture & the New Testament: Challenge to the Church – Part 4

Culture & the New Testament – Part 5

Demystifying Revelation (Part 1)

Demystifying Revelation: Jesus’ Incarnation (Part 2)

Demystifying Revelation: Jesus’ Leadership (Part 3)

Demystifying Revelation: Jesus’ Promise for Humanity (Part 4)

Demystifying Revelation (Part 5)

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This new blog page is a series from a new lecture series I am developing on Missional Collaboration. Subscribe to catch my occasional posts on the topic of partnership and collaboration with missional purpose.

First read the “Introduction to Missional Collaboration.” Several other posts are listed below. You may also continue reading by selecting the words “Missional” or “Collaboration” in the category cloud to find all the posts on this subject.

Why Collaborate?

Shared Leadership

Two Person Leadership Team

Revival: Cultivating Hope to Transform Nations

Thoughts about Transformational Leadership

Communities Bridging for Transformation

Are You Experiencing the Dynamic Tension of Optimal Distinctiveness?

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This new blog page will be a continuing series from my lectures on the Callings of God. Subscribe to follow my frequent posts on how to live life with purpose, meaning, and fruitfulness according to God’s call on your life.

Begin by reading the most popular post “Calling: What I’m Looking For….” You may also search for additional posts by selecting the word “Calling” or “Vocation” in the category cloud to find all the posts on this subject.

Here is a short list of key messages about God’s Callings:

What is Calling?

Revival: Cultivating Hope to Transform Nations

Can Students Transform the World?

Why Go Through All That?

Thoughts About Transformational Leadership

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This begins a new series from years of research and reflection on the role of the university in the discipleship of nations, on student movements, and on revivals, awakenings, and the individuals who changed history. Enjoy!

First, begin by reading the popular introductory post “History: It Happened at a Haystack“. Several other posts are listed below. You could also select the word “History” in the category cloud to find more the posts on this subject.

William Carey’s Influence on the “Haystack” Students

History: Adoniram Judson

Henry’s Hawai’i

What Happened at the Edinburgh 1910 World Missionary Conference?

A Learning Community

Who Was John Comenius?

Revolution? We all want to change the world.

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Hi. I’m John Henry. Welcome to my blog!

In 1989 I began directing internships with the University of the Nations in Kona, HI. I  founded the Student Mobilization Centre (SMC), part of the UofN, with offices now on three continents. The Centre was first commissioned at a UofN international conference in Seoul, S. Korea in 1997. My current focus is on a new internships placement platform called Converge. Converge connects students to make a world of difference.

Speaking to your group

I offer personal testimonies from my experiences, training, and relationships over 30+ years of faith ministry. I would be honored to minister to your group.

As a faith missionary, I have learned many essentials for spiritual formation and leadership emergence. I have coordinated student internships from over 100 colleges and universities to serve alongside long-term field projects in over thirty countries.

As Christian parents with active involvement in our family’s education and local congregation, my wife Mary and I are also in touch with the daily challenges confronting families, young people, and churches. Mary and I have taught together and we are able to share with your family, your Church, or your ministry group.

My Primary Teaching Topics:

  1. Call to Relationship: Hearing and Responding to God
  2. A Biblical Christian Worldview
  3. Leadership and Collaboration: State of the Church in the 21st Century
  4. God’s Calling [from a single session to a weeklong or weekend seminar]
  5. Ministry to the Poor

Join our Prayer & Support Team.

Give online through the link above or mail donations to:

YWAM PO Box 1526, Ocean City, NJ 08226

Please make checks payable to Youth With A Mission (YWAM). All gifts are income tax deductible and are requested with the understanding that Youth With A Mission has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

Joining our Core Support Team

We keep going with prayers and support from friends. We warmly welcome you to our Core Support Team.

To begin, click here.

If you would like to receive our monthly news and prayer letter, fill out this form. Thank you!

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  1. Hello John Henry – Greetings from Australia!

    Just thought you might be interested to know World Vision Australia has just published a revised edition of Jayakumar Christian’s ‘God of the Empty Handed’and available from this website.

    kind regards


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